At the end of the 70's demand grew for plastic materials capable of providing a wide range of barrier properties; to oxygen, water vapour, UV light and for other packaging requeriments such as easy opening seals, microwaveability and hermetically closed pakages.

There is still today no single polymer available which offers all these properties by itself. Coextrusion technology grew out of these market requirements.
Coextrusion is a technology which incorporates various layers of distinct polymers in a single structure, either in flexible or rigid form, and this final structure allows the necessary properties to be achieved to satisfy the barrier requirements of many food products.

EDV has had over 15 years of experience using coextrusion technology and over the years has invested constanty in Research and Development which together with its manufacturing skills and careful quality control has allowed us to achieve a global reputation as a producer of high quality rigid barrier sheet products.

Our skilled staff at all levels of the company have worked consistently to develop products which meet client requirements and are produced with great craftsmanship.